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ABB Sp. z o.o.

¯egañska 1
04-713 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 220 20 00
Führende Technologien für Energetik und Automatik (Hoch-/Mittelspannungmessgeräte, Transformatoren, Systeme für Elektroenergetik/ Automatik, Produkte/ Prozess- und Industrieautomatik).


Szeroka 29
05-075 Warsaw Poland
+48 515 241061
Advanced Business Consultancy & Data is an international company created by a group of highly experienced experts in their respective fields. ABCData LLC with its headquarters at Carson City, Nevada, USA, was thus created by the association of the latter to pursue further business together. The Company operates on many markets, mainly in China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, RSA, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

Adecco Poland Sp. z o.o.

Al. Jana Paw³a II 19
00-854 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 376 09 00
As a global leader in HR solutions, Adecco offers a wide range of services: Permanent Placement, Temporary Work, Assessment Center, Development Center, Direct & Executive Search, International Recruitment, Outplacement.

Allmendinger Sp z o.o.

£±kowa 11
90-562 £ód¼ Poland
+48 42 639 50 50
A Polish - Swiss company existing in Poland since 1990, it operates the world for more than 100 years. The main product of the system is USM Haller furniture which is an original, elegant furniture modular system adapted to the premises, produced in Switzerland for individual orders.

Alpiq Energy SE Spó³ka europejska Oddzia³ w Polsce

al. Armii Ludowej 26
00-609 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 579 65 25
Alpiq Energy SE belongs to the international energy group with Swiss majority: Alpiq. Its Polish Branch continues the activity of Atel Polska and specialises mainly in electricity wholesale as well a sales of energy and optimisation of energy supplies to large industrial customers.

AMI Sp. z o.o.

Pl Pi³sudskiego 1
00-078 Warszawa Polen
+48 22 323 76 96
AMI Sp. z o.o. - the place where making a gift turns into an art. Official representative of Caran d'Ache in Poland, manufacturer of luxury writing, drawing instrument and accessories. Caran d'Ache is a symbol of prestige, Swiss Made quality and style that affirms your love of beautiful things.

Ammann Polska Sp. z o.o.

Jutrzenki 84
02-230 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 33 77 900
Verkauf von Maschinen und Geräten zum Bau von Strassen und Brücken; Montagearbeiten.

Angst+Pfister AG

Thurgauerstrasse 66
8050 Zürich Schweiz
+41 44 306 61 11
Angst+Pfister Group – A Leading Producer, Supplier and Solutions Partner for Industrial Components Founded in 1920, Angst+Pfister is a leading producer of industrial components, supplying a deep and wide range of technical Sealing, Plastic, Fluid Handling, Drive and Antivibration components. Angst+Pfister is offering customized engineering services, supply chain solutions and enhancing procurement efficiency to save their customers hundreds of thousands of Euros every year.

Aquila Invest Geneva S.A.

Rue de la Synagogue 4
PO BOX 5856, 1211 Geneva 11 Switzerland
+41 22 732 27 71
Aquila Invest Geneva SA is an independent asset manager offering private and institutional clients investment advisory and portfolio management services. Client assets are deposited with Swiss and other international banking institutions. We seek to provide clients with optimal and tailored solutions to their specific needs. We are affiliated with Aquila & Co A G (The Aquila Group).

ASTAT Sp. z o.o.

D±browskiego 441
60-451 Poznañ Poland
48 61 848 88 71
Automation and Power Engineering components supplier. Automatic control engineering components, power distribution and measurement, electromagnetic compatibility, building automation, technical high quality adhesive tapes.

Awans Kancelaria Podatkowa

Al. Jerozolimskie 56 C
00-803 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 630 23 30
Komplexe Steuerberatung, insbesondere im Bereich des internationalen Steuerrechts, und Dienstleistungen im Bereich des Rechnungswesens für polnische und ausländische Unternehmen

Axpo Polska Sp. z o.o.

Al. Jerozolimskie 123
02-017 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 529 79 45
Axpo Polska is the subsidiary of Axpo. Axpo Trading is active all over Europe and having vast experience in international energy trading, Axpo is among the most established companies in the European energy market.Axpo Trading offers a wide range of services including market analysis, the management of wind power production portfolios and energy trading and CO2 emissions. We provide our clients with unique flexibility in developing and implementing individual procurement and marketing strategies in the areas of power and green certificates as well as CO2 emissions.

BALAJCZA Specialized Translations

ul. Kotylion 1
02-860 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 643 47 94
Translation services: into all languages of the world, mainly English, German and French. Written translations: specialized, sworn. Interpreting services: consecutive, simultaneous. Specializations: finance, law, technology, marketing, medicine. We operate on the Polish and international market.

Bank J.Safra Sarasin Ltd S.A. Przedstawicielstwo w Polsce

Mysia 5
00-496 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 596 52 72
Sarasin Group is a leading Swiss private bank. Many years of banking experience has made it consciously opt for sustainability as a key component of its corporate philosophy. It provides a high level of service and expertise when acting as investment advisor and asset manager for private and institutional clients. The Bank employs around 1500 staff and its majority shareholder is the AAA-rated Dutch Rabobank.

Banque Privée Espírito Santo S.A. przedstawicielstwo w Polsce

ul. Z³ota 59
00-120 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 347 40 36
Banque Privée Espírito Santo has been present and active in Lausanne,Switzerland, with an exclusive focus on private banking and wealth management. A medium-sized structure enables us to guarantee tailor-made services and a personalized management of client’s assets, while offering every customer the advantages of choosing a bank that has a truly international network. A distinctive culture of diversity enables us to get a better understanding of our clients needs in the varying target markets. Banque Privée Espírito Santo provide comprehensive solutions for the private and asset management of your wealth, and assist each of you in identifying the best solutions for all your business activities. Banque Privée Espírito Santo is in Poland from 2010 as representative office.

BELIMO Si³owniki S.A.

Zagadki 21
02-227 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 886 53 05
Verkauf von Stellantrieben der Firma BELOMI für Luft- Brandschutz- und Entrauchungsklappen, Wasserventilen mit Antrieben, VAV-Reglern, Raumtemperaturreglern sowie technische Beratung betreffs der angebotenen Produkte.

BIBUS MENOS Sp. z o.o.

ul. Spadochroniarzy 18
80-298 Gdañsk Poland
+48 58 660 95 70
We operate in the following branches: PNEUMATCIS, MECHATRONICS, HYDRAULICS, FILTRATION, PUMPS & SYSTEMS, RAPID PROTOTYPING, LIGHT RAIL & RAIL TECHNOLOGY. We offer in common sale products from more than 50 well-known companies. We also operate on the fields of: technical support, designing and production.

Biella Polska Sp. z o.o.

Staniewicka 5
03-310 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 205 25 45
Produktion, Import, Export und Vertrieb in Polen von Büroartikeln, insbesondere Ordnern.

Bogucki Engineering sp.k.

Ostów 19
04-733 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 894 00 05
Maschinenbau- Elektro- und Metallindustrie; Beratung und Verkauf von Handelsprodukten der Maschinenindustrie, insbesondere: Produkte für manuelle und automatische Fertigung, automatische Feuerlöschanlagen für Werkzeug-Maschinen, universale Werkstück-spannsysteme.

Bossard Poland Sp. z o.o.

ul. Warszawska 181
26-600 Radom Poland
+48 48 344 16 47
Bossard is engaged in the global procurement and sale of every type of fastening element. Bossard also provides engineering and logistical services associated with these products. We also offer our industrial customers the full range of solutions in product management and logistics of C-parts.


Nowogrodzka 11
00-513 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 529 02 70
Boyden is a global leader in the Executive Search industry with more than 70 offices in more than 40 countries. Founded in 1946, Boyden specializes in high level Executive Search, Human Capital consulting and Interim Management across a broad spectrum of industries.

Braun Paschke s. p.

Pu³awska 12A / 2
02-566 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 854 29 10
Ein wesentlicher Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt der Arbeit der Kanzlei ist die Beratung deutschsprachiger Unternehmen in Fragen des polnischen Wirtschaftsrechts, insbesondere bei der Lösung gesellschafts-, arbeits- sowie immobilienrechtlicher Problemstellungen und die Prozessvertretung vor polnischen Gerichten.

Brewi Consulting GmbH

Gutstrasse 51
CH-8400 Winterthur Switzerland
+41 52 232 77 22
Wir bieten folgende Dienstleistungen an: Gesellschaftsgründungen, Sitz der Gesellschaft, Mitgliedschaft im Aufsichtsrat, Buchführung und neutrales Audit. Wir arbeiten mit schweizerischen und ausländischen Anwaltskanzleien und Steuerberatern zusammen

BRUGG Systemy Rurowe sp. z o.o.

Lipowa 5
05-860 P³ochocin Poland
+48 22 722 56 26
Brugg Systemy Rurowe gehört zur Gruppe Brugg. Wir vertreiben Rohrsysteme für Fernwärmeversorgung, Industrie und Tankstellen, die in der Schweiz und in Deutschland hergestellt werden. Wir bieten technisch fortgeschrittene flexible Rohrleitungen, sowie Rohrleitungszubehör an.

BTS Sp. z o.o.

Prosta 21
72-100 £ozienica, gm. Goleniów Poland
+48 91 414 89 30
BTS ist ein polnischer Vertreter der sia Abrasives, einer der drei weltweit führenden Anbietern von innovativen Schleifmitteln. Die Firma bietet komplette Schleifsysteme für verschiedene Oberflächen an: Holz, Lack, Keramik, Leder, Gummi, Kunststoff, Glas und viele andere.

Bühler Polska Sp. z o.o.

Ludwika Rydygiera 15 / 83
01-793 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 412 62 63
Bühler ist der Spezialist und Technologiepartner für Maschinen, Anlagen und Services zur Verarbeitung von Grundnahrungsmitteln sowie zur Produktion hochwertiger Materialien. Das Unternehmen hält weltweit führende Marktpositionen bei Produktionsanlagen für die Mehlherstellung, die Futtermittelverarbeitung, aber auch für die Herstellung von Pasta und Schokolade sowie im Aluminiumdruckguss. Bühler ist in über 140 Ländern tätig und beschäftigt weltweit rund 8800 Mitarbeitende. Im Geschäftsjahr 2011 erwirtschaftete das Unternehmen einen Umsatz von CHF 2,131 Mrd.

Capital Solutions ProAlfa Sp. z o.o.

Nowy ¦wiat 51 / 3
00-042 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 892 00 75
Strategieberatung, An- und Verkauf von Firmen in Polen und Mitteleuropa, Kapitalbeschaffung aus privaten und öffentlichen Quellen, Investitionen. Autorisierter NewConnect- Berater.

CIBER Polska Sp. z o.o.

Pl. Andersa 5
61-894 Poznañ Poland
+48 61 62 27 308
Our main business in Poland are all kinds of services related to SAP - from large-scale implementations through small projects and enhancements to the application support at all levels. In addition we also provide the Service Desk support for the majority of IT applications to users both locally and around the world. We also provide support to other ERP systems and systems dedicated to our customers. More information can be found on our website

Clariant Polska Spó³ka z o.o.

Kolorowa 14
95-100 Zgierz Poland
+48 42 714 0200
As a leading Polish manufacturer and supplier of color masterbatches and additives to the thermoplastic industry, Clariant is committed to providing our customers with high-quality, innovative products accompanied with technical advise and unique customized solutions.


¯urawia 32 / 34
00-515 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 250 25 41
Cognitum delivers high-end software solutions for Knowledge Management and Semantic Technologies, as well as Cloud Computing & Big Data solutions. Cognitum is a partner of Microsoft and works closely with several research institutions. Company delivers services to customers including Western Europe and USA.

Contrain Poland Sp. z o.o.

ul. Limanowskiego 7
60-743 Poznañ Poland
+48 42 636 97 03
Contrain Poland Sp. z o.o. is a Dutch-Polish staffing solution provider, present on the European market since 1998. Our core activity is to deliver custom developed HR supporting systems to fulfill general or very specific staffing needs. Our mission is to solve companies’ fundamental problem which is the lack of qualified and motivated workers. We thoroughly understand the conditions in which our customers operate and we understand the needs and aspirations of our workers. WORK WITH US!

Credit Suisse Poland Sp. z o.o.

Rondo ONZ 1
00-124 Warszawa Polen
+48 22 526 56 00
Investment Banking

Crido Taxand Sp. z o.o.

ul. Grzybowska 5A
00-132 Warszawa Polska
+48 22 324 59 00
Crido Taxand is exclusively Taxand Poland. We have been active on the advisory services market since 2005. We provide advisory services to multinational corporations, Polish companies and entrepreneurs with respect to taxation, state aid, law and business consulting.

DANKA Polska Sp. z o.o.

Fosa 31
02-768 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 852 17 40
Danka Polska guided by the customers needs provides the best available technology for copying, printing and scanning solutions and systems to manage the workflow and electronic processing of the document circulation. Our service provides a professional support. Highly trained engineers are waiting at any time to assist.

Data Protector

Ciszewskiego 15
02-777 Warsaw Poland
+48 801 08 02 44
IT support with quick 10-minute failure response time, IT process management, training on principles of business communication for IT departments, organization and development of procedures for IT departments.

Deininger Consulting Sp. z o.o.

Al. Jerozolimskie 81
02-001 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 695 02 10
Founded in 1981, Deininger Consulting is one of the best recognized executive search and management consultancies in Germany. Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, the company serves its Clients globally through a network of own offices. Warsaw office was established in 2007, being responsible for CEE, Russia & CIS markets.


Al. Jana Paw³a II 19
00-854 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 511 08 11
In Polen erbringen Dienstleistungen: Deloitte Advisory Sp. z o.o., Deloitte Audyt Sp. z o.o., Deloitte Doradztwo Podatkowe Sp. z o.o. und Deloitte Business Consulting S.A.- mit Deloitte Central Europe Holding Limited verbundene Gesellschaften. Die Deloitte-Gesellschaften in Polen gehören zu den führenden Anbietern von Dienstleistungen in folgenden Bereichen: Wirtschaftsprüfung, Steuerberatung, Consulting, Corporate Finance und Risikomanagement.

Delta Energy Systems (Poland) sp. z o.o.

Poleczki 23
02-822 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 335 26 02
Delta focuses its activities on energy-saving power supply systems for telecom applications. We are developing also renewable energy solutions, hybrid cooling systems, as well as industrial and consumer electronics.


Rondo ONZ 1
00-124 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 242 52 52
Dentons is an international legal practice providing client services in 79 locations in 52 countries across Europe, Canada, the US, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Dentons Warsaw office is one of the largest law firms in Poland. Currently it has over 160 lawyers experienced in Polish and cross-border legal and tax matters.

Divio AG

Riedtlistrasse 23
8006 Zürich Switzerland
+41 44 480 12 70
Divio, a web agency located in Zürich, builds web applications and is specialised in the areas of design and development. For the production Divio uses the modern Webframework Django and is heavily involved in the development of the successful open source project django CMS ( The company relies on the agile «SCRUM»-methodology for its projects.

dmp Derra, Meyer, R. Lewandowski sp.k.

¯urawia 26 lok. 10
00-515 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 10 10 740
Rechtsberatung für polnische und ausländische Mandanten, insbesondere für deutsche, österreichische und schweizerische Firmen aber auch für englische und irische Unternehmen in den Bereichen: Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht, M&A, Marken- und Patentrecht, aber auch Arbeitsrecht, Bankenrecht, Immobilienrecht, Transportrecht, Insolvenz- und Sanierungsrecht sowie Prozessrecht und Schiedsverfahren.

Ecovis System Rewident Sp. z o.o.

Rakowiecka 30a
02-529 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 380 03 80
Wirtschaftsprüfung, Rechnungsbücher, Steuerberatung, Wirtschaftsberatung.

Egon Zehnder Sp. z o.o.

Plac Pi³sudskiego 2
00-073 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 520 09 00
Strategic HR advisory in mergers and acquisitions, top management due diligence, assistance in new market entries.

Ekar Sp.z o.o.

Bukowa 7
05-075 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 773 41 42
Investment Project Management on behalf of the project Owner including preliminary and feasibility studies, project engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning management in the area of energy efficiency improvement and development of renewable energy power stations.

Electronic Power And Market Sp. z o.o.

ul. Junacka 7
78-400 Szczecinek Poland
+48 94 37 408 90
EP&M has been present in the Polish ICT market since 1989. As a Polish software house, it supports its Customers by providing original products dedicated to the management of the technical infrastructure for information and telecommunications technology equipment. EP&M provides products and services of the highest quality, which is confirmed by the continually improved ISO 9001 quality system implemented in 2001.

Endress+Hauser Polska Sp. z o.o.

J. Pi³sudskiego 49-57
50-032 Wroc³aw Poland
+48 71 780 37 00
Endress+Hauser is a leading supplier of measuring instruments and automation solutions for the industrial process engineering the world over. In Poland we have been present since the beginning of 90's.

EROWA Technology Sp. z o.o.

Spó³dzielcza 37-39
55-080 K±ty Wroc³awskie Poland
+48 71 363 56 50
EROWA is a producer of tooling (clamping), measuring (presetting), automation (robotics) and integration (software) systems. This is a complete gamut of products for tool-making and all chip-cutting metal industry.

Euroglas Polska Sp. z o.o.

Osiedle Niewiadów 65
97-225 Ujazd Polen
+48 44 719 40 00
EUROGLAS ist eines der größten Glas herstellenden Unternehmen in Europa. Glas Trösch ist der Mutterkonzern mit Sitz in der Schweiz. Die vier Werke der EUROGLAS in Haldensleben (D), Osterweddingen (D), Hombourg (F) und Ujazd (PL) produzieren Floatglas, extraweißes Glas für Solaranwendungen, Verbundsicherheitsglas, Brandschutzglas und beschichtete Gläser sowie Halbzeuge für die Dünnschichtphotovoltaik.


ul. Postêpu 1
02-676 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 550 27 40
Evoltec specializes in delivering solutions for wire and cable processing - wire cutting and stripping machines, harness machines and connectors distribution. The Company also offers the comprehensive before- and after-sales services: on-schedule machine set-up and production assistance, after-sales services and technical advisory.

expert group

al. Gen. Tadeusza Bora Komorowskiego 25B
31-476 Cracow Poland
+48 661 890 331
expert group is an independent consulting and service provider in the areas of corporate finance, business development and talent acquisition with offices in Zürich, Munich and Cracow. We focus on demanding projects in ICT, healthcare IT and engineering industries.

Farby Kabe Polska Sp. z o.o.

¦l±ska 88
40-742 Katowice Poland
+48 32 204 64 60
Die Firma Farby Kabe Polen GmbH ist Hersteller von Putzen, Fassadenfarben, Innenfarben, Wärmedämmsystemen und Materialien für die Renovierung historischer Bauten.

Faserplast Poland

Braci Staniuków 10
76-200 S³upsk Poland
+48 59 848 68 80
Die Faserplast AG entwickelt einerseits individuelle Lösungen in Faserverbund-Werkstoffen für spezifische Anwendungen, produziert und vertreibt andererseits Fertigprodukte für Industrie, Landwirtschaft, Haus & Garten.

Fidexperta - Treuhand & Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

Alte Landstrasse 129c
CH-8804 Au-Wädenswil (Zürich) Switzerland
+41 44 781 46 00
FIDEXPERTA is an independant Swiss Fiduciary Company in Zurich and supports polish entrepreneurs/firms wishing to do business successfully in Switzerland or to do international business through Switzerland. Learn more about our tailor-made services by visiting our webpage.


Badstrasse 43
CH-9230 Flawil Switzerland
+41 71 394 91 11
Flawa AG is a Swiss based company with core competencies in the development, manufacturing, procure-ment and marketing of products meeting hygiene and personal care needs. Thanks to its know-how, state-of-the-art production technology and supply availability Flawa AG established a strong position as a manu-facturer of high-end products mainly made of natural and textile raw materials. With 150 employees, Flawa AG develops and markets high-quality nursing pads, cotton-, feet hygiene and medical products.

Forbo Flooring Poland

Wolsztyñska 2
60-361 Poznañ Poland
+48 61 862 13 82
Forbo Flooring Systems is part of the Forbo Group, a global leader in flooring, bonding and movement systems, and offers a full range of flooring products for both commercial and residential markets. High quality linoleum, vinyl, needle felt and entrance flooring products combine functionality, colour and design, giving you total flooring solutions for any environment.

Fortatech Sp. z o.o.

Lipowa 5
05-860 P³ochocin Poland
+48 22 722 51 87
Fortatech gehört zur Gruppe Brugg und ist in zwei Bereichen tätig. Wir stellen technisch hochqualifizierte Seile für die Automobilindustrie her.
transport chiny

Fracht FWO Polska Sp. z o.o.

Kijowska 1
03-738 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 334 20 56
Fracht FWO Polska belongs to international group Fracht AG and offers a wide range of forwarding services, starting with simple trucking, up to complex logistics projects. Our world-wide network of branch offices and partners allows us to offer intelligent and cost-effective logistics and transportation solutions, for both standard shipments and Project Cargo, throughout the world.

Franke Polska Sp. z o.o.

ul. Franke 1
05-090 Raszyn Poland
+48 22 711 67 00
Franke Kitchen Systems is the world leader in comprehensive systems for domestic kitchens. The product range includes kitchen sinks, taps, waste management systems, hoods and cooking appliances.


Burstriet 9
CH-9465 Salez Switzerland
+41 81 757 13 10
Franz Elkuch AG: Swiss craftmanship with plastics for advanced cable protection Franz Elkuch AG designs and implements complete systematic solutions in the field of innovative cable protection since 1965. The company supplies international Telecom and power supply companies in Europe with its revolutionary bent tubing system, sleeves and repair-kit, assuring a flexible, solid, reliable, and environmentally-friendly solution.

GCN Consulting

Theaterstrasse 2
8400 Winterthur Switzerland
+41 52 264 14 64
GCN Consulting – ein Management-Beratungsunternehmen, seit 1988 tätig in der Schweiz, in Österreich und Deutschland. Sounding-Board, Coaching, Beratung, Umsetzung. Projekte: Strategie-Struktur-Fähigkeiten; Integriertes Qualitätsmanagement (IQM); Umsatzsteigerungs- / Kostensenkungsprogramme; Change- und Prozessmanagement.

Geberit Sp. z o.o.

Postêpu 1
02-676 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 843 06 96
Produktion und Distribution von Sanitärinstallationen.

Georg Utz Sp. z o.o.

Nowowiejska 34
55-080 K±ty Wroc³awskie Poland
+48 71 316 77 60
Kunststoffbehälter und -paletten für Lager und Transport; Produktion, Verkauf, Beratung

getsix® Group

Szwedzka 5
50-040 Bielany Wroc³awskie Poland
+48 71 388 13 00
Getsix ist spezialisiert auf qualifizierte Dienstleistungen im Bereich Rechnungswesen (Buchhaltung und Personalabrechnung), Steuerwesen, Controlling und im Finanzwesen.

Glencore Polska Sp. z o.o.

Cypriana Kamila Norwida 2
80-280 Gdañsk Poland
+48 58 344 39 64
Glencore ist im internationalen Handel (Export/Import) tätig. Gehandelte Produkte: Zink, Kupfer, Blei, Kathoden und Walzmetalle sowie Getreide.

GRP Gloor Ruggli Partner

Freiestrasse 204
CH-8032 Zürich Switzerland
+41 43 344 40 00
GRP ist ein auf wirtschaftsrechtliche Beratung und Vertretung spezialisiertes Anwaltsunternehmen in der Schweiz. GRP berät und vertritt in- und ausländische Gesellschaften, Unternehmen und Privatpersonen.

Grupa CBP spó³ka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnosci± sp. k

Albatrosów 15 A
02-806 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 644 46 65
Cash Back can assist your company with all your foreign VAT needs. We offer a comprehensive range of corporate services related to international VAT. We help companies assess the correct VAT treatment, maximise foreign VAT recovery, deal with compliance requirements, reduce costs and simplify procedures Cash Back has been in the business since 1988. VAT issues can be complicated, however Cash Back’s unique international network of experienced local VAT specialists makes any form of VAT refund simple.

Gudel Sp. z.o.o.

Karpacka 24/4
43-316 Bielsko- Bia³a Poland
+48 33 819 01 25
Güdel company since 1954 provides components and complete solutions for industry. The components are used in machinery construction. Güdel modules, robots and systems are used to processing, transportation and intermediate transport automation also automation of packaging, palletizing and sorting.

HICRON Sp z o.o.

Ostrowskiego 13D
53-238 Wroc³aw Poland
+48 71/ 77 60 300
HICRON Sp. z o.o. specializes in carrying out comprehensive IT projects in Poland and abroad. As a partner of SAP Poland, HICRON delivers services of implementation and development of SAP ERP, SAP Business Objects and also designs dedicated IT solutions for large and medium-sized companies.


Zachodnia 10
05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki Poland
+48 22 755 77 11
Hiestand Poland is international concern specializes in the production of high quality frozen bakery goods. The head office and the main production plant are located in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. The company has equipped the plant with the most up-to-date production lines designed to production of sweet pastries, snacks, pretzels, bread and rolls . Hiestand Poland is certified according to: PN-EN ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, BRC Global Standard Food 5.0 and International Food Standard 5.0 .

HOBAS System Polska sp. z o.o.

Koksownicza 11
41-300 Dabrowa Górnicza Poland
+48 32 639 04 50
Die HOBAS System Polska Sp. z o.o. produziert glasfaserverstärkte Kunststoffrohre mit 150 - 3000 mm Durchmesser. Das Angebot umfasst Rohre zur Durchführung von Renovationen, Durchstössen und Microtunneling ohne Aufgraben.

Hotel Express International

Albatrosów 15A
02-806 Warszawa Poland
Sale of hotel discount cards and booking service for the Clients.


Pl. Konstytucji 1
00-647 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 339 16 11
Die Gesellschaft verwaltet die Hotels Polonia, MDM und Metropol, die sich im Stadtzentrum befinden. Jedes von ihnen bietet andere Dienstleistungskreis, die die Erwartungen sowohl von Geschäftsleuten als auch von Touristen erfüllen.

Hotele Warszawskie Syrena sp. z o.o. Polonia Palace Hotel

Al. Jerozolimskie 45
00-692 Warszawa Poland
+ 48 22 318 28 00
Das historische Hotel Polonia Palace liegt im Stadtzentrum von Warschau und bietet 206 luxuriöse Zimmer und 7 moderne Konferenzsäle. Das Restaurant Strauss und die Bar Bojangles schaffen eine einmalige Verbindung von Tradition und Moderne.

House of Skills

ul. Równoleg³a 4a
02-235 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 37 63 000
House of Skills is a leading consultancy & training brand in Poland. We are designing and implementing solutions within the area of managerial development, human resources management systems and business strategies. Our know-how is strengthened through cooperation with stable, international partners. Nearly 20 000 managers take part in our development programs annually.

IGP Pulvertechnik Polska Sp. z o.o.

£±kowa 3
05-822 Milanówek Poland
+48 22 758 31 83
Import, Logistik und Distribution von Pulverlackfarben für den architektonischen und industriellen Bedarf. Technische Beratung und Service.

IMPAQ Sp. z o.o.

Mokotów Nova, ul. Wo³oska 22
02-675 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 31 46 000
IMPAQ provides IT and consulting services in Europe. We deliver end-to-end solutions to the financial and telecom industries. Our solutions portfolio ranges from consulting, system development, integration, maintenance and support to comprehensive management of IT and business processes. With 300 employees in eight international locations, we are able to take on full responsibility for our mandates.


Malwowa 69 a
60-175 Poznañ Poland
+48 61 867 75 81
IMS Glass Decor is the leading industrial decorating company of table and packaging glassware, supplier of direct and indirect screen-printed glass, partner of many advertising campaigns, creator of glass-made ideas.

INFRAenergy Sp. z o.o.

ul. Gustawa Potworowskiego 11
60-212 Poznañ Poland
+48 61 656 19 74
INFRAenergy offers modern infrared heating systems for apartments, houses, office spaces and public buildings. Based on high-tech technology and best experiences we deliver energy saving and reliable heaters of unique and timeless design created by Swiss and Lichtenstein designers.

InterGest Poland Sp. z o.o.

Królewska 27
00-060 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 295 3000
InterGest Poland bietet die zur Zeit modernste, kostengünstigste und effizienteste Alternative zur Erchließung von ausländischen Märkten. Der InterGest-Dienstleistungsbereich ist bei der Entwicklung und Verwaltung einer eigenen ausländischen Gesellschaft behilflich. Deinstleistungsangbot: Firmengründung. steuerliche Vertretung, Buchhaltung, und Bilanzierung, Lohnabrechnung, steuerliche und juristische Betreung.

Interhome Polska Sp. z o.o.

St. Kostki Potockiego 24B
02-958 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 642 23 84
Interhome bietet ca. 40.000 qualitätsgeprüfte Ferienhäuser und Ferienwohnungen (Europa, Ägypten und USA). Nahezu alle Ferienwohnungen sind auf unserer Website online buchbar Interhome ist der führende Anbieter von Ferienwohnungen und Ferienhäusern in Europa.

International Project Management Association Poland

Staro¶ciñska 1 B / 3
02-516 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 622 21 12
IPMA Poland enables the exchange of experience in project management area and aquiring knowledge on project management. It also offers 4-level-certification system developed as a process of a continuous improvement of project manager competence.

Internel (Polska) Sp. z o.o.

£opuszañska 36
02-220 Warszawa Polen
+48 22 577 08 24
We are a logistic operator specialising in full outsourcing of logistic services for our clients: from warehouse and distribution management to value added services like co-packing and return handling or demand forecasting. We are part of Internel Group with headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland and a subsidiary in Germany


Bonifraterska 17
00-203 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 246 00 30
JARA&PARTNERS ist eine unabhängige Wirtschaftssozietät von Rechtsanwälten und Steuerberatern. Beratungsschwerpunkte: M&A, Immobilien- und (öffentliches/privates) Baurecht, Finanzierungen/Sicherheiten, Prozessrecht/Schiedsverfahren, Energierecht (insbesondere erneuerbare Energien) sowie Vergaberecht und PPP.

Kaba Polska Spó³ka z o.o.

Górno¶l±ska 4A
00-444 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 665 88 27
Kaba is one of the leading providers in the security industry. The offer of the company includes i.a. master key systems, mechatronic locks, key depots, electronic hotel locks, tripod barriers, mantraps for banks, full–height turnstiles, revolving doors, access control systems EXOS. We assure the project’s support, installation and service.

Kacprzak, Radcy prawni

St±giewna 5/2
80-750 Gdañsk Poland
+48 58 769 36 36
Wir sind eine wirtschaftlich orientierte Anwaltssozietät mit Schwerpunkte: Vertragsrecht (auch internationales), M&A, Immobilien- und (öffentliches/privates) Baurecht, Prozessrecht/Schiedsverfahren, IT-Recht, Medizinrecht, geistiges Eigentumsrecht, Transportrecht, Gesellschaftsrecht.

Kancelaria Adwokacka - Szymon Gostyñski

Sarego 2
31-047 Kraków Poland
+48 12 429 20 25
Wir sind spezialisiert auf Rechtsberatung und Prozessvertretung in allen Rechtssachen mit wirtschaftlichem Bezug.

Kancelaria Prawna RGW Roc³awski Graczyk i Wspólnicy Adwokacka Spó³ka Jawna

Mochnackiego 4
02-042 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 883 62 50
Kanzlei RGW Roc³awski Graczyk i Wspólnicy Adwokacka spó³ka komandytowa bietet eine spezialisierte Rechtsberatung für Unternehmen

Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego £ukasz Mioduszewski

Saska 105 / 5
03-914 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 697 75 00
Unsere Kanzlei spezialisiert sich im Wirtschaftsrecht. Wir vertreten und beraten Unternehmer bei Investitionsprojekten und grenzüberschreitenden Transaktionen insbesondere zwischen Polen und der Schweiz.

Komfort Consulting s.c.

Elegancka 35
02-835 Warszawa Polska
+48 22 854 10 27
Komfort Consulting ist eine Outsourcing Beratungsfirma, die sich hauptsächlich auf die Bereiche Bauweise, erneuerbare Energien und Maschinenindustrie konzentriert. Komfort Consulting unterstützt Unternehmen aus der Schweiz und aus EU-Ländern, welche Investitionen, bzw. die Aufnahme von Geschäftskontakten in Polen planen. Als eine typische Beratungsfirma bieten wir massgeschneiderte Lösungen für sämtliche Probleme, die sich bei einer Unternehmensführung in Polen ergeben können.

Leica Geosystems Sp. z o.o.

Jutrzenki 118
02-230 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 381 72 70
With close to 200 years of pioneering solutions to measure the world, Leica Geosystems products and services are trusted by professionals worldwide to help them capture, analyze, and present spatial information.

Lek S.A.

Podlipie 16
95-010 Stryków Poland
+48 42 710 61 10
Lek S.A., part of Sandoz Group, worlds generics production leader. The company sells approximately 1000 high-quality cost-effective generics in over 130 countries. Sandoz has more then 30 manufacturing sites globally. In 2009 the company was employing 23 000 peoiple all over the world.

Lent Group

Holenackerstr. 29-A10
CH-3027 Bern Switzerland
+ 41 79 503 03 05
Diplom- und Nachdiplomausbildung in Projektmanagement, Forschungs-, IKT- und Automatisierungsprojekte, Lieferungen und Service von Logistikeinrichtungen.

Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG

Städtle 44
9490 Vaduz Liechtenstein
+423 236 92 83
Die Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG ist das traditionsreichste Finanzinstitut im Fürstentum Liechtenstein. Mehrheitsaktionär ist das Land Liechtenstein. Die LLBGruppe bietet umfassende Dienstleistungen im Wealth Management an: als Universalbank, im Private Banking, Asset Management sowie bei Fund Services und Trust Services.

Lindt & Sprüngli Poland Sp. z o.o.

Jakuba Kubickiego 5
02-954 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 642 28 29
Marketing & Distribution von Schweizer Premiumschokolade

Logitech Poland Sp. z o.o.

K¹tna 17
00-703 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 844 82 78
Marketing office of company which produces computer accessories.

Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw

Ko¶cielna 12
00-218 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 531 60 00
Mamaison Le Regina Warsaw is an elegant boutique hotel located in Old Town, offering 61 individually designed rooms and suites, two conference rooms, fine dining restaurant La Rotisserie, summer patio and relaxation area with swimming pool and sauna. We organize wide range of events including conferences, training sessions, VIP dinners as well as wine degustations and private meetings in exclusive apartments.

Marlen Investments sp. z o.o.

Graniczna 29
40-956 Katowice Poland
+48 32 253 85 06,,
Marlen Investments is specialized in the production of high quality PVC granules, profiles and seals for all kind of doors, garden hoses, shower cubicles and magnetic tapes.

Mazars Polska Sp. z o.o.

Piêkna 18
00-549 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 25 55 200
Mazars is an international, integrated and independent organisation, specialising in audit, accounting, tax and advisory services. Mazars can rely on the skills of 13,000 professionals in the 69 countries which make up its integrated partnership.

mBank SA

ul. Senatorska 18
00-950 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 829 00 00
BRE Bank is a universal bank. It services large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), micro-enterprises and private individuals. BRE Bank Group consists of several companies offering financial products and services complementary to the Bank’s offer, among others including leasing, factoring, brokerage and insurance.

Medela Polska Sp. z o.o.

ul. Lewinowska 8
03-684 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 865 12 50
Medela Polska Sp. z o.o. is a Polish representative of a Swiss consortium Medela AG, famous for it’s production of breastpumps, breastfeeding accesories and medical vacuum technology. The company is also an exclusive representative of a German manufacturer of diagnostic instruments - Riester.

Mensys Group Polska Sp. z o.o.

Emilii Plater 28
00-688 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 630 34 40
Mensys Group is a recruitment consultancy that specialises in the proactive search of qualified personnel in various industries. Our team is comprised of skilled and multi-lingual consultants who focus solely on providing recruitment solutions to niche areas within the following industries: IT/Engineering, Manufacturing, Biotech & Pharma, Energy & Utilities, Banking/Finance and Sales & Marketing.

Mettler- Toledo Sp. z o. o.

Poleczki 21
02-822 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 545 06 80
Waagen für Labor, Industrie und Einzelhandel, analytische Instrumente und Pipetten, Produkte und Applikationen in: AutoChem, Prozess-Analytik, Produktinspektion, Transport und Logistik

MICROMEX Sp. z o.o.

Nowogrodzka 37 / 43
92-227 £ód¼ Poland
+48 60 324 50 30
Importation des produites petroliers et du vin, de la Suisse.

Model Opakowanie Sp. z o.o.

Szwajcarska 1
23-400 Bi³goraj Poland
+48 84 686 91 00
Production of corrugated and offset laminated packaging.

MW Consulting

Raduñska 7
01-681 Warszawa Polen
+48 22 833 99 75
Beratung, parlamentarisches Lobbying

Nestle Polska S.A.

Szturmowa 2
02-678 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 607 22 99
Producer of confectionery and culinary products, infant nutrition products, instant coffee, mineral waters, ice-cream, breakfast cereals and petfood.

Nestle Polska SA. Oddzia³ NESPRESSO w Warszawie

Szturmowa 2
02-678 Warsaw Poland
Nestlé Nespresso SA, the worldwide pioneer and market leader in highest-quality premium portioned coffee, focuses on its services for both individual customers (B2C) and business (B2B). Nespresso Business Solutions provides the consumers with 8 Grand Cru coffee blends, ultramodern coffee machines and innovative payment system which results that Nespresso cooperates with the most prestigious restaurants, hotels, offices, luxurious merchant points and air industry.

Nomad Management GmbH S.K.A.

Radzikowskiego 47A
31-315 Kraków Poland
+48 12 362 43 62
Nomad Fund – the first Venture Capital Fund, co-financed by National Capital Fund under the Swiss Contribution Programme.

Novartis Poland sp. z o.o.

Al. Witosa 31
00-710 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 550 88 63
Novartis provides healthcare solutions that address the evolving needs of patients and societies. Focused solely on healthcare, Novartis offers a diversified portfolio to best meet these needs.

Oak Group Aleksandra Perliñska

Uniwersytecka 4 / 9
02-036 Warsaw Poland
+48 603 633 776
We, the OAK GROUP, do our best to ensure your team building events, training courses, lawn parties and conferences remain unforgettable for the participants. Following our motto ‘AN EVENT IS MORE THAN JUST AN EXPERIENCE’, we implement unique scenarios prepared especially for you with care for perfection in every detail.

Oprandi Polska Sp. z o.o.

Rzymowskiego 53
02-697 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 548 00 51
Oprandi Polska is branch of oprandi & partner, Swiss personnel consulting group. Our company supports our clients and candidates throughout processes of recruitment and career management. Oprandi Polska offers services, which include: recruitment ( with executive search), outplacement, coaching and HR consulting services, including EU funding.

O¿óg i Wspólnicy Spó³ka Doradztwa Podatkowego Sp. z o.o.

Sienna 39
00-121 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 480 81 00
Ozog & Partners is a tax advisory firm appreciated in both Polish and foreign expert rankings. The most significant fields of competence include tax planning and optimisation, tax proceedings and litigation, transfer pricing, income taxes, VAT and excise tax.
member_logo Sp. z o.o.

ul. Uprawna 41C
02-96 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 243 14 34
The state-of-the-art webshop makes high quality pastry ingredients available to polish gastronomy professionals and sophisticated home cookers. Movie clips, e.g. about how to make own pralines or how to prepare a semifreddo dessert show how to use international bestseller products like Barry Callebaut chocolates while working with best professional tools.


Plac Matejki 5/15
31-157 Kraków Poland
+48 12 424 19 00
The company’s basic business activity is the production of milk powder, whey powder and dairy blends, the provision of powdering services of milk and whey for other producers, and the sale of the goods produced.

Polswiss-Service Sp. z o.o.

Dickensa 27 / 82
02-382 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 412 45 77
Polswiss Service ist ein international vernetztes Projektierungsbüro, kompetent durch jahrelange Erfahrungen in vielen Sparten der Bau-, Sanierungs- und Umwelttechnik im In- und Ausland. Wir bieten optimale Lösungen durch täglichen Gebrach von modernen Kommunikationsmittel, leistungsfähigen Berechnungsprogrammen und CAD-Systemen an.

Poltraf Sp. z o.o.

ul. Bysewska 26C
80-298 Gdañsk Poland
+48 58 557 52 07
Control and measuring instruments for industrial automation systems, air conditioning, cooling, heating and ventilation. We offer high quality instruments for level, pressure, temperature and humidity measurement.

Pracownia Projektowo- Dekoratorska Danuty S³omczyñskiej

Ptasia 30
60-319 Poznañ Poland
+48 61 664 16 00
Ptasia30 beschäftigt sich mit der breit verstandenen Ausstellungstätigkeit, mit der komplexen Realisierung der Identifikationssysteme und der visuellen Kommunikation von Unternehmen, Institutionen, Gesellschaften und Orten sowie mit der visuellen Gestalt.

proaxia consulting group ag Oddzia³ w Polsce

Wroc³awska 24a / 5
55-075 Bielany Wroc³awskie Poland
+48 71 390 18 92
proaxia consulting group ist eine internationale Unternehmensberatung mit Hauptsitz in Zürich und Niederlassungen in Europa und Asien. Exzellente Branchenexpertise in Manufacturing und Automotive, Themenführerschaft in Customer Service Prozessen, SCM, IT Consulting, Software Entwicklung/Wartung und generell Mobil&Cloud Solutions, sowie die Fähigkeit internationale Projekte pragmatisch zum Ziel zu führen, zeichnen uns aus.


Geretsmatt 5
6037 Root / LU Switzerland
+41 41 511 01 48
Handel mit Produkten verschiedenster Art, sowie offizielle Handelsvertretung der Firma HomeBrace Ltd. „Intelligentes Wohnen“. Weiterhin bieten wir Übersetzungs- und Dolmetscherdienste DE-PL / PL-DE und Unterricht für Firmen und Institutionen in der deutschen Sprache (Raum Poznan).

Pulsmed Spó³ka z o.o.

P.O.W St. 26
90-248 Lodz Poland
+48 42 633 32 75
Pulsmed since 20 years is a leader of obesity treatment by bariatric method. We provide modern medical procedures in which digital diagnostic equipment and effective methods are used that allow to shorten a period of treatment and reduce patient’s suffering. They include: surgical endoscopy, laparoscopy, arthroscopy, laser and ultrasound procedures and cryosurgery.


Al. Armii Ludowej 14
00-638 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 746 4170
PwC is the leading organization in the world providing professional services in the following areas: audit and assurance, transaction services, CSR, tax services, legal services, trainings, mergers & acquisitions, financial reporting and accounting advisory services and HR consulting. Our clients are multinational companies and private companies operating on local markets in all industry sectors. In Poland we have offices in seven cities: in Gdansk, Katowice, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, Wroclaw and Warsaw.

RBU Unternehmensberatung GmbH

Rütihofstrasse 2
9052 Niederteufen Switzerland
+41 71 333 48 80
The Swiss RBU consulting company was found in 2003 and stands for a pragmatic and interdisciplinary consulting team, which realizes mainly strategic projects, organizational development, as well as various topics in human resource management (HRM). RBU clients are nationally and internationally active companies from the industrial, service and non-profit sector. For further information, please visit:

Rechtsanwalt Dr. Andrzej Remin

Löwenstrasse 17
CH-8001 Zürich Switzerland
+41 44 210 11 22
Dr. Andrzej Remin ist seit über 20 Jahren als Wirtschaftsanwalt in Deutschland, Österreich, Polen und der Schweiz tätig. Dr. Remin ist in allen 4 Ländern als Rechtsanwalt zugelassen.

REGENTIM Sp. z o.o.

Ko³obrzeska 52G / 10
Konstancin-Jeziorna Poland
+48 22 622 22 92
Regentim LTD holds strong positions in the buildings and industry markets in Poland. Our Company is engaged in construction projects, building adaptation, renovation & modernization, industrial construction, hospital building and house building. Regentim LTD offers added value with integrated and multidisciplinary total solutions that lead to better business processes and more efficiency for customers.

Resource Partners Sp. z o.o.

Mokotowska 1
00-640 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 3777 900
Resource Eastern European Equity Partners („REEEP”) is a private equity fund operating in Eastern & Central Europe, with Rabobank, EBRD and AXA Private Equity among its strategic investors. Resource Partners sp. z o.o. is an advisor to Resource Partners GP Ltd, General Partner of REEEP, searching for investment opportunities primarily in the Consumer sector in Poland and other Eastern European countries. Fund invests between Euro 5m to 50m in one project mainly in LBO and growth financing, privatizations and consolidations, with either minority or control positions.

Rhenus Data Office Polska Sp. z o.o.

Raszynska 13
05-500 Piaseczno Poland
+48 22 715-0-715
RHENUS DATA Office Polska, part of the RHENUS Group which belongs to the RETHMANN Corporation, has been active in the Polish market for the past 12 years, leading the archive and records management industry, covering records ordering, indexation and scanning, document storage, original or electronic image retrieval, as well as secure destruction (shredding) and restoration (drying). Our services are available through 5 branch offices based in Warsaw/Piaseczno, Poznañ, Szczecin, Chorzów and Kraków. Our customers can take advantage of three professionally managed archive and records storage sites, with two located within the Warsaw metropolitan area (Piaseczno and O¿arów Maz.), and one located in the Silesian conurbation (Czelad¼). Our top competitive advantages include efficient and cost-effective logistics combined with secure solutions proven and tested in numerous European countries, as well as committed, competent and trusted staff.

Roche Polska Sp. z o.o.

Domaniewska 39 B
02-672 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 345 18 88
Roche Polska delivers the latest drugs for patients to combat the disease, prolong their survival and improve their quality of life. We focus on oncology, metabolic, central nervous system, inflammatory and viral diseases. A Roche Application Development and Maintenance Delivery Centre operates in Poland as well, creating applications for the drug development process.

Roedl, Majchrowicz-B±czyk Kancelaria Prawna Sp. K.

ul. Sienna 73
00-833 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 696 28 00
Rödl & Partner provides comprehensive professional services for businesses around the world in the areas of audit, legal, tax, financial and payroll accounting and business advisory. In Poland we have been open for business since 1992 and enjoy the reputation of a leader in foreign investment advice. We have our offices in Cracow, Gdansk, Gliwice, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

RONALP Sp. z o.o.

Nowogrodzka 37 / 43
92-227 £ód¼ Poland
+ 48 603 245 030
Distribution des produites petroliers et du vin, de la Suisse.

Rothschild Bank AG

Zollikerstrasse 181
8034 Zurich Switzerland
+41 44 384 71 11
Rothschild Wealth Management & Trust provides wealth structuring, investment management, banking and trust services to wealthy individuals, families, trusts and charities. Its principal offices are in Zurich, London and Frankfurt and it is part of the wider Rothschild group that also provides Global Financial Advisory, Institutional Asset Management and Merchant Banking services.

Royal Bristol Warsaw Sp. z o.o.

Krakowskie Przedmie¶cie 42-44
00-325 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 551 10 00
The most elegant hotel in Warsaw with the ideal location in the prestigious Royal Route, just few steps form the Old Town, National Theatre and in the neighborhood of Presidential Palace. The place where many international celebrities stayed.

RWP ¯muda Kancelaria Prawnicza Sp.k

Raszyñska 3 / 20
02-026 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 692 48 00
RWP ¯muda zählt zu den führenden international tätigen Beratungskanzleien. Büros: Warschau, Düsseldorf, Essen, Dresden. Spezialisierungen: Rechtsberatung für Unternehmen; Gesellschafts-, Arbeits-, Immobilien-, Vertrags-, Insolvenzrecht; M&A; Prozessführung; Investitionen in Polen und BRD.

Ryszard Skubisz Kancelaria Prawno-Patentowa

Mysia 5
00-496 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 596 5200
The law firm specializes in the fields of Intellectual Property Law, Copyright Law, Unfair Competition Law and The Law on Counteracting Monopolistic Practices. Our firm excels in matters involving the Polish Law at the junction with the EU Law in the field of Intellectual Property and Copyright Law. We represent our Clients before the Polish Patent Office and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (trademarks, industrial designs) in Alicante as well as before Polish administrative, civil and criminal courts and European courts in Luxemburg.

Sabur sp. z o.o.

Pu³awska 303
02-785 Warszawa Polen
+48 22 549 43 50
Est. 1993; company active on the fields of industrial and building automation; solutions provider for infrastructure and process industry; representation of several foreign companies in Poland; technical advisory, hardware and software deliveries, technical trainings; network of system integrators/partners. ISO 9001:2009 certified since 2010.


ul. Rolna 157
Warsaw Poland
+48 22 647 35 90
For over 20 years, SCHILLER Poland represents Swiss company SCHILLER AG - one of the world's leaders in the development, production and distribution of medical devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, patient monitoring and emergency medicine. Our products are characterised by innovative drive and pioneering spirit and are designed to meet individual requirements.

Schindler Polska sp. z o.o.

Postêpu 12a
02-676 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 549 21 00
Projektierung, Verkauf und Installationen neuer Aufzugsanlagen, Wartung und Modernisierung bestehender Anlagen. Das Angebot umfasst Personen-, Panorama- und Warenaufzüge sowie Fahrtreppen und Fahrsteige der Marke Schindler.

Se-ma-for Produkcja Filmowa Sp. z o.o.

ul. Targowa 1/3 b.24
90-022 £ód¼ Poland
+48 42 681 54 74
Se-ma-for was founded in 1947 and specialises in stop motion animation, the company made many children series as well as produced two Oscar winning animations in 1983 and 2008. Apart from producing its own films Se-ma-for provides services on animation advertisement to Corporate and PR & Marketing agency. Via the Museum and Animation Festival the company also organises bespoke private and corporate events.

Seaking Poland Ltd. Sp. z o.o.

Nowa 1B
64-700 Czarnków Poland
+48 67 356 31 00
Seaking Poland Ltd., factory in Czarnkow, manufacturer of tailor made stainless steel furniture, refrigerators and hot counters. It’s a part of holding Seaking AG, market leader with 25 years of experience in providing catering systems for cruise ships.

SGS Poland sp. z o.o.

Bema 83
01-233 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 329 22 22
SGS S.A. (Société Générale de Surveillance) - the core services include the inspection and verification of the quantity, weight and quality of traded goods, testing product quality and performance against various health, safety and regulatory standards, certification to ensure that products, systems or services meet the requirements of standards set by governments, standardization bodies or by SGS customers.

Sika Poland sp. z o.o.

Karczunkowska 89
02-871 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 310 07 00
Sika is a global company with 100 years history and a world-wide network of subsidiaries active in the fields of speciality chemicals for construction and industry. Sika’s core competencies of sealing, bonding, damping, repairing, reinforcing and protecting load-bearing structures.

SOLARIS Bus & Coach S.A.

Obornicka 46, Bolechowo-Osiedle
62-005 Owiñska Poland
+48 61 667 23 33
Solaris Bus & Coach ist ein polnischer Omnibushersteller mit Firmensitz nahe Posen. Solaris zählt zu den führenden Herstellern der europäischen Omnibusbranche und bietet eine breite Palette an modernen Stadtbussen Urbino, Überlandbussen InterUrbino, Oberleitungsbussen Trollino, Bussen für spezielle Einsatzzwecke und Straßenbahnen Tramino.

Stadler Polska Sp. z o.o.

Targowa 50
08-110 Siedlce Poland
+48 25 746 45 00
Produktion und Inbetriebsetzung von Schienenfahrzeugen für den Regionalverkehr.

Stämpfli Polska Sp. z o.o.

Al. Jerozolimskie 99 lok. 31
02-001 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 664 44 61
Stämpfli Polska Sp. z o.o. ist Teil der Stämpfli Gruppe, die sechs Unternehmen vereint und über 320 Mitarbeitende an den Standorten Bern, Zürich, Ettlingen-Karlsruhe und Warschau beschäftigt. Die Kernkompetenzen der Gruppe liegen in der Konzeption, der Koordination, der Herstellung und im Vertrieb von gedruckten und elektronischen Publikationen und der Entwicklung und Integration von Publikationssystemen.

Stowarzyszenie Polskich Energetyków

Stêpiñska 60
00-739 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 851 39 91
Energetik, Schulungen, Prüfungen, Audit

SWISS - Jubiler Sp. z o.o.

Poleczki 13
02-822 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 464 58 00
With over 80 butiques located in top shopping centers and a successful on-line butique, SWISS has become Poland’s leading watch chain. We offer a wide selection of top products from the world’s best brands. Our portfolio includes watches from the world’s best-known designers like Michaela Kors, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss or Tommy Hilfiger, fashion oriented brands like Fossil, Diesel or Ice-Watch, Swiss-made watches like Roamer, Atlantic or Mondaine and sport watches for professional athletes and amateurs from Citizen, Casio and Festina. Whether you follow new trends or prefer more classical models you will definitely find a perfect watch in our offer and our experienced sales staff will help you make a choice.

Swiss Home Sp. z o.o.

Gwia¼dzista 15a / 152
01-651 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 869 43 12
Die Firma Swiss Home Sp. z o.o. (GmbH) baut Einfamilienhäuser und Wohnungen. Aktuell bereitet die Firma den Entwurf eines Bürogebäudes in Warschau vor.

Swiss International Air Lines Oddzia³ w Polsce Sp. z o.o.

Jana Paw³a II 29
00-867 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 520 34 56
Die Fluggesellschaft SWISS bietet ausgezeichnete Verbindungen in die Schweiz. Direktflüge von Warschau nach Zürich und Basel. Speziell auf den polnischen Markt zugeschnittene Angebote.

Swiss Life Select Sp. z o.o.

Al. Jana Paw³a II 80
00-175 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 273 93 33
Swiss Life Select is an international provider of financial advice, which is part of Swiss Life Group, one of the Europe\'s leading financial institutions with over 150 years of tradition. Over 4 Million customers worldwide already benefit from financial advisory services provided by Swiss Life Select. Swiss Life Select advisors choose the most suitable products for customers from the market by applying a uniform Best Select approach. Our mission is to support our customers to face their future with confidence.

Swissmed Centrum Zdrowia S.A.

ul. Wileñska 44
80-215 Gdañsk Poland
+48 58/ 524 15 15
Swissmed Centrum Zdrowia S.A. is a quickly developing medical organisation operating in Poland since 1996. The company was set up by combining the knowledge and experience of best physicians and the capital of a Swiss shareholder. Since 2004 Swissmed Centrum Zdrowia S.A. has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Swisspor Polska Sp. z o.o.

Mickiewicza 56
83-130 Pelplin Poland
+48 58 88 88 450
Herstellung von Thermoisolationsprodukten (EPS) und Hydroisolationsprodukten (Bitumendachbahnen).

Syngenta Polska Sp. z o.o.

Pow±zkowska 44C
01-797 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 32 60 601
Syngenta® is a leading global company operating in the agriculture sector. We believe in the development of "sustainable agriculture" innovation through research and technology. The company is a global leader in the crop protection market and the third largest company in the seeds sector.

TAAC Sp. z o.o. Spó³ka Doradztwa Podatkowego

ul. Ks. Prymasa Augusta Hlonda 10/73
02-972 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 412 85 12
TAAC SP. z o.o is the tax advisory company. We provide our Clients with complex services in the range of tax advising, accounting, human resources and payroll solutions. Our offer is directed not only to companies with national and international capital but also to natural persons. We help national and international companies in building and developing their activities on the Polish market. Our aim is to make our Clients focused on developing their business activities by providing them with quick and complex services.

TAT Sp. z o.o.

Brata Alberta 42
05-075 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 869 85 61
Die Firma TAT bietet an:Vertretungsdienstleistungen, Marktdienstleistungen, Marktuntersuchungen, Hilfe bei Markterfassung und deren Ausbau, Vermittlungsdienstleistungen, Bearbeitung von Handelsverträgen für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen im In- und Ausland, technische Beratung im Bereich der Telekommunikation, der Industrieautomatik sowie der innovativen Energiequellen. Das Ziel der Firma TAT ist die Verstärkung der Zusammenarbeit polnischer und schweizerischer Unternehmen sowohl im Produktionsbereich als auch im Bereich des Warenaustausches.

Taxonity Sp. z o.o.

ul. Rzymowskiego 31
02-697 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 114 06 57
Taxonity is an independent tax counselling company which provides advisory services to foreign entrepreneurs and Polish companies. Taxonity is the only tax counselling company in the country which specialises in issues related to transfer pricing.

The Swatch Group (Polska) sp. z o.o.

Marynarska 15
02-674 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 256 81 00
Detailhandel und Grosshandel mit Uhren, Kundenservice

Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeñ INTER Polska S.A.

Al. Jerozolimskie 172
02-486 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 333 75 00
INTER Polska Group consists of two insurance companies: TU INTER Polska S.A. (property insurance) and TU INTER-¯YCIE Polska S.A.(life insurance). The companies are owned by INTER Krankenversicherung aG, German insurance company founded in 1926, specialising in health insurance. TU INTER Polska has been present to the Polish market for 20 years, offering private health insurance, group life insurance and property insurance.

Trinity Lab

ul. Dymiñska 2 / 87
01-519 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 252 39 91
As the first company in Europe we offer fully customized Polish courses for Management Staff and Diplomats, and we conduct advanced adaption seminars on the Polish culture.

UBS AG Przedstawicielstwo w Polsce

Al. Ujazdowskie 51
00-536 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 525 84 00
UBS is a clientfocused financial services firm that offers a combination of wealth management, asset management and investment banking services on a global and regional basis. By delivering a full range of advice, products and services to its private, corporate and institutional clients, UBS aims to become the choice of clients worldwide.

UBS Service Centre (Poland ) Sp. z o.o.

Krakow Business Park, ul. Krakowska 280
32-080 Zabierzów Poland
+48 12 399 70 00
UBS office in Krakow provides UBS businesses worldwide with knowledge services related to: data management and analysis, operations, risk assessment, HR and IT.

United Product sp. z o.o.

Wróbla 57
02-736 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 853 51 72
Vertretungen für Hüttenindustrie, Technik- und Handelsberatung

Victorinox Poland sp. z o.o.

Ptasia 6
00-138 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 652 19 07
Victorinox was founded in 1884 in Switzerland. The company produces high-quality household and professional knives. It is also famous for manufacturing multi-functional pocket tools – legendary Swiss Army Knives covered with an international lifetime warranty against any defects in material and workmanship. What’s more, over the years the brand has developed several new product divisions (timepieces and travel gear among others). The company has operated on the Polish market since the early 90s. It still enjoys growing popularity among retail customers as well as corporate partners – Victorinox products have become well-recognised and frequently chosen advertising gadgets.

Vision Warsaw Sp. z o.o. I VISIONGROUP

Al. Jerozolimskie 81 / 22
02-001 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 292 88 55
Founded in Switzerland in 1999, VISIONGROUP specializes in the rental of high-quality furnished apartments known for their commitment to service and style at best city locations. The company advanced from start-up to Switzerland’s market leader in just a short time and is now expanding in phases both domestically and abroad. Its business now comprises three brands: VISIONAPARTMENTS, under which it rents exclusive apartments in the bustling urban centres of Europe; VISIONVILLAS, through which luxury residences are available; and VISIONDESIGN, an online portal where users can order furniture, furnishings, and related accessories – including many of the company’s own creations.

Vitra AG Przedstawicielstwo w Polsce

Burakowska 57
01-066 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 887 10 64
Innendesign, Verkauf von schweizerischen Wohn- und Büromöbeln: bekannte Klassik, Möbel der 40-er und 50-er Jahre, sowie neueste Bürosessel - und Ausstattung.

vonRoll hydro Polska Sp. z o.o.

Zwierzyniecka 18
70-794 Szczecin Poland
+48 91 442 97 40
vonRoll hydro ist eine in Wasser-und Abwasser, auch in den Gasversorgungssystemen führende Firma. Wir beliefern die grössten polnischen Lieferanten in dieser Branche. In unserem Lieferprogramm führen wir hochqualitative Armaturen, und Rohre mit Polyuretanbeschichtung. Wir garantieren die höchste Qualität des Liefersortiments.

Wamtechnik Sp. z o.o.

Zawodzie 24
02-981 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 701 26 00
Wamtechnik ist ein weltweiter Lieferant von Stromversorgungsquellen, präsent auf dem Markt seit 1992. Das Spezialgebiet der Firma Wamtechnik ist die Produktion von Zellen-Packs und Akkus, welche in diversen Bereichen der Industrie Verwendung finden. Das komplexe Angebot enthält Ni-Cd-, Ni-MH- und Li-Ion-Zellen, den Vertrieb wartungsfreier Bleiakkus, Windturbinen, photovoltaischer Anlagen und weiterer Komponente zur Errichtung von photovoltaischen Systemen.

Wetrok Polska S.A.

£±czyny 4B
02-820 Warsaw Poland
+48 22 331 20 50
Wetrok Polska - subsidiary of Swiss company Wetrok AG. Leading supplier of cleaning equipment and chemicals for professional use. The products we offer, guarantee the highest quality, perfect technical parameters and competitive prices. The scope of activities covers the whole Poland.

White House Poland Sp. z o.o.

Jasnodworska 8a
01-745 Warszawa Poland
+48 22 401 76 70
We are a marketing communication agency with a comprehensive portfolio of internet marketing services. Besides we specialize in traditional ATL/BTL services, with a specific focus on event marketing. Our clients are large-, middle- and small-sized companies (B2C and B2B), as well as government institutions.

Wilhelm Tell Sp. z o.o.

Przêdzalniana 77
93-114 £ód¼ Poland
+48 42 681 84 93
Wilhelm Tell Company was founded in 1990 and is a distributor of German company HSO - chemistry for electroplating processes and a distributor of Dutch company MEFIAG- filters and pumps for electroplating industry.

WW Projekt Sp. z o.o./GmbH

Kniaziewicza 25 / 3
50-455 Wroc³aw Poland
+48 71 341 05 40
Polnisch-schweizerisches Architektur- und Generalplanungsbüro. Planung nach energiesparenden Standards (Minergie, Passivhaus). Projekterfahrungen in der Schweiz, Deutschland, Polen und anderen europäischen und asiatischen Ländern.

Zak³ady Tworzyw Sztucznych Katex Sp. z o.o.

Zwyciestwa 28A
44-193 Knurów Poland
+48 32 236 41 26

Zehnder Polska Sp. z o.o.

Kurpiów 14a
52-214 Wroc³aw Poland
+48 71 367 64 24
Zehnder Polska Sp. z o.o. ist die Generalvertretung in Polen der Schweizer Zehnder Group AG mit Sitz in Gränichen. Vertrieb von Heizkörpern, für Raum und Bad, Deckenstrahlplatten, Komfort Ventilationskomponenten, Industrie Ventilation und Industrie Filter Systemen.
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